We Turn Organizations into Communities

Our mission is to reduce suffering through customized programs for organizations that allow us to have meaningful dialogue around our differences.

Why Address Implicit Bias?

Bias is a topic that touches almost every area of our lives. Sometimes we are aware of our own biases, sometimes we not. Our team asserts that bias is a natural part of the human mind and that various traumas or societal constraints have created neuropathways that condition our responses to various types of stimuli.

By understanding the neuroscience behind the human mind, we become free to look at bias not through a lens of shame but of normalcy. This frees us up to truly explore if or own implicit biases reflect our values. If they do not, then our awareness allows us the power to change and heal.

Who We Are

Our team is comprised of three principles: Percy Ballard, MD, Kate Lingren, LICSW and Lisa Carter. Percy is a Harvard Medical School Trained and educated, board certified adult psychiatrist. Kate is a 30-year licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and professor at Boston College. Lisa leads our business organizational development team and works in detail with each client to tailor our offerings to their specific needs.


What Our Program Does

Defines implicit and explicit bias and outlines the concept of “othering."

Normalizes bias by discussing the neuroscience within the human mind that creates bias.

Simulates bias experiences in various framework through hands on group participation modules.

Cultivates an environment of Awareness and Choice.

Our Principles



Percy is a Harvard Medical School trained and educated, board certified adult psychiatrist and Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) psychotherapist.

He practices full time at Psych Garden, a clinic with a comprehensive team approach, located in Belmont MA.



Kate is a Certified IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapist and on the faculty of Intimacy From the Inside Out (using IFS in couples work) as an Assistant Trainer.

She is also on the faculty of Boston College School of Social Work, where she teaches a class on IFS.



Prior to embarking on her entrepreneurial endeavors, Lisa matriculated a number of leadership roles across multiple Fortune 50 organizations. She has brilliantly led top-performing teams to effectively market business offerings, while enhancing operations, in order to deliver value to customers and all stakeholders.

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